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TRANSBA MEDICAL SERVICES was founded in 2007, Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a mission to deliver high-quality product, competitively priced medical devices to make healthcare more accessible and affordable around the Bangladesh. Over the last 16 years, we have become a leading supplier world latest Color Doppler $D ultrasound machine, ECG, X-Ray, ETC and marketer of medical devices in Bangladesh with a rapidly growing presence. We are expanding our distribution network, sales and sales support staff to bring our products closer to end users. We currently have 25 skills and trained engineer sales executive for installation, maintenance, demonstration, sales and services door to door.

Infinite Insight
X-CUBE 90 with Elite

X-CUBE 90 with Elite, the leadership model of the X+ Architecture platform, has evolved to higher diagnostic confidence. This refinement is achieved through enhanced image performance on a more powerful(or robust) GPU and a immersive experience with its newly designed 23.8” bezel-less monitor.

X+ Crystal Signature™ applies single crystal design plus Alpinion’s custom materials within the transducer design to achieve excellent clarity of image quality.

Infinite Insight
X-CUBE 70 with Elite

X-CUBE 70 with Elite created from Alpinion’s premium imaging platform, X+ Architecture,
Enabling high resolution, high sensitivity, wideband transducers, and the software for various applications.
Beyond that, newly designed transducers and smart workflow bring more comfort to the patients and reduce the time to diagnosis.

Experience X+ Focus, the innovative image processing technology that delivers clearer images with extensive scan data. Enjoy optimal image quality, precise diagnoses, and rich clinical information without compromising tissue details. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with ALPINION’S cutting-edge imaging technology.

Everlating productivity

The E-CUBE 8 Series is an indispensable partner for your practice. Your patients will enjoy individualized service and care, and improved efficiency in their healthcare. a smart, reliable product that ensures high performance with outstanding image quality and multi-purpose usability. The E-Cube 8 series is your most rational choice.

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