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X-CUBE offers the highest level of efficiency and insight for healthcare providers, enabling you to utilize clear and detailed image
and a comfortable user interface. We reflected the needs of fields that require quick and accurate diagnosis.
With ALPINION’s amassed image processing technology and the latest diagnostic solution, more precise diagnosis
and quicker decision are now possible. Improve the quality of your diagnosis with X-CUBE 90.

eXtensive Insight

Powered by X+ Architecture

Spatial Resolution

X+ FIT’s beamforming technology based on
X10 data transmission speed
X14 data processing speed

Frame rate

X+ FIT’s multi-beam receiving technology

Sensitivity & Penetration

X+ Crystal Signature technology applied
new Single crystal and Special materials

X+ Architecture is a premium-grade imaging platform created by combining X+ Crystal signature™, the transducer technology with
high sensitivity, wideband, and X+ FIT, ALPINION’s cutting edge beamforming and data processing technology.
X+ FIT is a new technology that transmits ultrasound beam width sharply, receives a large volume of data and processes it at a high speed.
In addition, X+ Crystal signature™ applies a single crystal and our own special material in the transducer to achieve excellent clarity to extend insight.

X+ Crystal Signature transducer

X+ Crystal Signature transducer

eXpanded Capability

X-CUBE 90 is designed to provide objective and accurate diagnoses based on expanded technology.
Intelligent clinical features upgrade diagnostic accuracy to new levels. Broaden your skills and range of capabilities.

X+ MicroView

MicroView is the vascular imaging mode which displays micro blood flow. Users can observe the low-speed blood flow of tiny blood vessel. With this technology, low-speed blood flow areas which users previously couldn’t see on Color Doppler are shown at the fast frame rate


Point Shear Wave Elastography shows objective quantified stiffness of tissue using the radiation force from a focused ultrasound beam. Users can identify significant liver fibrosis non-invasively, so it reduces unnecessary biopsies and increases patient satisfaction. Especially X+ pSWE ensures the highest reliability of measured results by displaying the Reliability Index

CEUS (Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound)

This is a function to diagnose patients using various angiographic patterns that appear while a contrast medium, administered intravenously, diffuses in blood vessels and organ tissue. CEUS has many advantages in various clinical indications for liver disease.

General imaging

eXpanded Care

The detailed work process designed by X-CUBE 90 cares beyond realizing a
more efficient working environment for medical professionals. Intuitivedirections
improve efficiency for medical professionals, and the transducer design provides
comfort for the patient, thereby improving the quality of diagnoses.





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Copyright by Transba.net 2021. All rights reserved.

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